Managing Director

Peter has had over twenty years' experience developing and setting up companies that provide counselling support for organisations' employees all over the world. Peter has an extensive marketing background and has owned a number of successful businesses. Being innovative and flexible and with an extremely high focus on customer satisfaction, along with the support of OCP's Business Advisory group, Peter is able to meet the needs of clients effectively and cost efficiently with OCP. Peter personally guarantees our OCP service is second to none.


Operations Manager

Michelle has had fifteen years' administrative experience and ten years specifically dealing with counselling support to organisations. Being organised and efficient, Michelle can provide timely information and assistance to companies and their employees. OCP has Head Office administration support and resources throughout the Canterbury region that can support OCP’s National framework.


National Training Manager

(Bachelor of Commerce in Human Resource Management)
Karen has extensive experience in all areas of Human Resource Management specialising in Change Management, Career Planning, Leadership, Communication and Training Workshops.


Office Administrator

Heather has had fifteen years’ experience in the Education sector working in both Learning Support and International Student areas. Heather has significant experience in dealing with crisis intervention and trauma care situations.