Coming soon - OCP’s new and improved online experience.

Hi there, and thanks for visiting us!

As part of our company-wide rebrand, we’ve been updating our website over the past weeks and months. However, it’s taking a bit more time than we originally planned, and given that our new brochures and posters have already been released, we thought our old site and old look had been up long enough!

Our new and completed website isn’t far away, but in the meantime here’s a taste of the direction we’re going, with all of the functionality of our old site. You and your colleagues can still access our counselling services or book a training session via our 0800 number, and you can still place an order for literature using the contact details below. Coming soon with our new website will be the long awaited online appointment system, real-time reporting for your organisation, and a bunch of other high quality content, information and resources that we’ve been working on.

Thanks very much for your patience - we look forward to announcing our completed website very soon!

Best wishes,

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