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Money & the Holidays - OCP's Top Tips

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Money & the Holidays - OCP's Top Tips

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Money & the Holidays - OCP's Top Tips Money & the Holidays - OCP's Top Tips

The holiday period is right around the corner, and although that means quality family time and some rest and relaxation, it can also be a rather financially uncomfortable time of year without proper preparation!

With this in mind, OCP’s financial advisors have compiled a few simple strategies to help you ease into the holiday, stress free:

Write a budget

Write down how much money you receive from your salary, bonuses, benefits, reimbursements and other sources. Is this a higher number than your expenses? If not, make immediate changes, today!

Spend less, by trimming day-to-day costs

Eliminate unecessary costs

Find ways to pay less interest on your debts

Set clear goals to help accelerate your savings

Use online banking to:

Make the most of workplace plans

Work with an advisor

Reduce financial stress and start to feel financially secure. Your OCP programme provides money management support at no cost to you — call anytime to book an appointment.

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