Best-in-class workshops & preventative training

OCP, in partnership with their workshop facilitators and counseling team, provide practical training services to complement our counseling and advisory services

Choose from our wealth of predeveloped training products, or have materials developed with your organization in mind specifically. We can work with you to devise a custom program, facilitated by OCP's professional team to address the needs of your company and employees

Comprehensive, concise programs to upskill staff & management

We specialise in two-hour programmes because these work most effectively for our clients. They can be completed one-on-one or in group sessions, depending on your needs.

Resources and supporting educational literature are available free of charge in conjunction with these programs, and can be developed specifically to your workforce alongside the material

Choose from the following pre-developed courses, or work with us to create your own

  1. Managing Stress & Building Resilience
  2. Managing Performance
  3. Working with Teammates
  4. Outplacement Support
  5. Why Me, Why Change?
  6. Time Management
  7. Balancing Life & Work
  8. Retirement Planning
  9. Managing Your Money
  10. Drug & Alcohol Reasonable Cause

Complement your existing OCP employee assistance program with results-specific training & workshops

As part of the OCP total employee health services, we will provide your organisation with a detailed report comprised of non-identifiable information about the usage of your service

We are often able to recommend training services based on the results over a period of usage, and can even develop a custom solution based on the specific challenges faced by your employees, using real data for real results